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GACRI S.A.is a company that since 1977 manufactures rubber and rubber-metal auto parts for vibration absorption and noise reduction, we also produce a wide variety of articles for the automobile

The company’s philosophy is excellence in customer service in the automotive parts markets, both national and international. All the products are made according to international quality standards from the raw material, the production processes, until obtaining the final product.

GACRI is a company in daily growth, which increased its productive capacity by 400% in the last decade, investing in technology and automation in the manufacturing process. The company has a specialized workshop in tooling that allows it to make molds and matrices for the development of new products or modifications of existing ones.

Currently GACRI produces more than 600 products that correspond to motor supports, gearbox supports, shock absorber supports, suspension bushings and rubber bellows. We are currenlty increasing our line of products in order to meet the needs and demands of our customers.

In order to achieve an agile and efficient response to the request that you make us, we have  permanent stock of all the items that are in the catalog. Also, when you buy a GACRI product you should know that it is a world-class product. That’s why, when you need rubber and rubber-metal spare parts, do not hesitate, choose GACRI, they are the only ones with warranty that are sold at convenient prices, without taking unnecessary risks, with the reliability and trajectory that only GACRI S.A. can provide you.